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Craftsman 38814

The budget crunch has your wallet in its grips and your old lawn mower just died. Now what will you do? If money were no object you might lean towards all the flashy bells and whistles, but with so little to work with, and so much lawn waiting to be cut, this lawn mower could be what you need.

Featuring a powerful, Briggs & Stratton Silver Series 158cc engine, this push mower is strong, efficient and exceptionally long-lasting. You'll love its quick start, and lightweight, quiet operations. This push mower from Craftsman also includes a 2-in-1 mulch & rear bag giving its operator more cutting options so it will save you time when it comes to cleaning up.

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Craftsman 5.5 Torque walk behind mower delivers. Overall the mower does what the materials claim to do. It's light and much quieter than expected. It is easy to remove from the box and simple to put together - maybe 10 minutes. It starts right up after 3 pushes on the primer button.

If you're looking for an inexpensive lawnmower to get the job done, then the Craftsman 5.5 rear bag mower is a good one. It's the perfect companion for a rider mower - it gets into the tight corners where the rider can't get to. The mower mulches nicely if you are not in a hurry, the grass is not too long, and the grass is dry. A great buy for a small, lightweight, mower.



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