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Honda Lawn Mower

Honda garden mowers incorporate patented designs in engine and blade technology. More than just another brand of the same old thing, Honda mowers use the latest engineering techniques to bring you a lawn cutting tool that is built with cutting edge technology. Divided into classes, Honda mower are rated as HRX at the high end, HRS for residential owners, and the commercial workhorses are labeled with the HRC series.

HRX Series Honda Lawn Mower Reviews

Honda HRX series are able to bag, mulch, discharge, or shred leaves and other debris.They use twin blade technology and patented controls for the variable speed motor. As if this weren't enough to earn them some attention in customer reviews, Honda offers an unprecedented 5 year warranty, that is double what some competitors offer. And no other mower offers a variable speed hydrostatic transmission.

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Home Users Say the Best Lawn Mowers are the HRS Series

The Honda HRS series is designed for the home user. It uses traditional side discharge of debris. Without the frills of a higher priced machine, HRS series mowers are lighter and easier to maneuver. If you have a huge lawn to tend, you'll probably be looking for some of those frills, but for trim or cutting small lawns, this is a very affordable option.

Try the Honda Commercial Series for Production

Where the HRS series is meant to be affordable and easy to use, the Honda HRC series is built tough and durable, and has the power to get the job done. It features an easy start engine, and a large capacity discharge bag, if that is your method of debris removal. People who spend their day cutting grass recognize the HRC model as a step ahead of the others. Another feature of HRS models are a set of stronger handles, built to handle the extra workload.

Compare for Best Value

Use lawn mower reviews to your own advantage. Find out what the good things people have to say about different mowers, of course, but find out what the bad things are as well. Obviously, no other mowers use the quiet and efficient Honda engines, but other brands will have features that Honda has added yet as well. Compare mowers side by side, and choose the one that best meets your specific cutting applications.

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