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The closest you can can come to luxury yard work is to use a self propelled Troy Bilt lawn mower. Troy Bilt yard machines are built for dependable, heavy-duty use, and a model such as the Troy Bilt TB250 self propelled is engineered so that all you have to do is keep your hands on the grips and let the mower do its job. Whether you are cutting a thick lawn, or a light growth, Troy Bilt mowers are among the top-rated mowers in consumer reviews.

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The Troy Bilt TB110 push mower performs well in mower reviews submitted by actual owners. The powerful motor is well balanced, reducing vibration and allowing for more control over your cuts. Some of the chief competition for a Troy Bilt mower are yard machines built by such well-known companies as Murray, Yard Man, and many others. The ones which say "Troy Bilt" are among the best mowers made, but they are up against some of the best known names in the business.

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Troy Bilt's Best Lawn Mowers

One of the best lawn mowers made by Troy Bilt is the Mustang RZT 50 zero turn riding lawn mower. It is both fast and powerful, has an extra wide cutting path, and can be turned in place, allowing closer cuts and trims than you can get from an ordinary mower. Even professional lawn service companies are quick to point out that a machine such as this can reduce the time spent on a job by as much as a third. For these people, that means more time to complete more jobs, and efficiency is the name of the game.

Multi-Brand Lawn Mower Reviews

Compare different Troy Bilt models, and then compare to offerings from other manufacturers. Some of the points to look for are the cutting path, or width, the size of the motor, and any automated features designed to make the task go smoother. Would you be better served with a lawn tractor, or a mower? Should you go with a riding mower, or one that is self propelled? For push mowers, you should even take note of any complaints people have had with the height adjustments, because this can be one of the weakest links the mower's performance.

Know the Competition

Depending on the type of mower you decide, top competitor models may come from a number of different companies, and should be compared carefully. John Deere makes a leading lawn tractor, and the Toro zero turn mower is a worthy comparison to the Troy Bilt RZT 50. You may even find that another model has a special feature that beats out the performance and value of a Troy Bilt model.

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