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Yard Machines 123cc Mower

If you are in the market for a basic push mower for your small lawn, then you should have a look at Yard Machines 123cc 11A-02MG029 push drive mower. The model number might be not easy to remember, but all you need to know is this a machine manufactured by a leading garden care equipment company which has been designing and making lawn mowers for many years.

The 11A-02MG029 is push drive mower with a 123cc MTD OHV engine which might not be considered powerful, but if you only have to maintain a small yard area with even terrains, this model will work for you. The starting system doesn't require priming thus making it easy to start every time you need to mow.

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It comes with a 20" cutting deck with a side discharge feature. One of the most sought features in a push drive mower is the wheels. Because a push mower will require more user action than a self propelled engine, both the front and rear wheels are 7 inches in size giving you more steering control.

Other notable features include a 3 position height adjustment to suit various operators' heights and a one year limited warranty. The 11A-02MG029 is priced around $130 and can be bought at any Yard Machines dealer. There have been many positive feedbacks from other lawn mower reviews site regarding this model.

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